with a modern inside. sort-of.

I’ve been putting off putting an image of this up here although it’s no secret to those that are subscribed to my youtube channel. This is essentially what you get when you have a computer case from 1998 that used to house a top-end dual Pentium II workstation/server motherboard, a couple 400MHz Pentium IIs, 512MB of RAM, and some miscellaneous cards and stuff. This is what happens when you have to gut the case in question because the PSU suffered a lightning strike and had scorch marks.

this is what happens when you get a full-size LGA1155 ATX motherboard off eBay for $40.

This is what happens when you get an i5-2500k and 16GB of RAM given to you at christmas time from your father’s old computer build after he upgraded to Haswell.

This is what happens when you’re given a free 6970 reference card that used to be in a bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin mining farm in your friend’s basement in Wisconsin.

This is what happens when you get a Hyper T4 in exchange for your 212+…

This is what happens when you get a free 1000W BFG PSU and use it “just because you can” and for no other reason, despite it being a collector’s item at this point in working condition.

This is what happens when you get really lucky and all those things fit inside said computer case from 1998, after making a couple modifications.