Another Addition to the Mac Madness… ANOTHER Ti G4!

So uh, remember how I traded my old and busted Ti PBG4 500 for the HR 1.67 G4? well… I kind of regretted that a bit. so I decided that if I ever found another Titanium G4 for a good price, or free, I’d get it and hold it dear once more.

It has happened, finally! 10 months after the fact. I found it on Craigslist for $30 locally.

Picture 1

the pictures are blurry, but do you see what I see? that is totally not OSX. that’s right– this baby came pre-loaded from the factory back in 2001 with MacOS 9! and, upon my finding out when I went to go and try it out before buying… it’s the factory install, on the factory hard drive (which sounds like it has rocks in the bearings, I’m going to have to remedy this somehow) with a factory-installed AirPort card as well!

I have to see what the deal is with the battery, though… needless to say, it’s getting replaced, because… well…


Yeah. The owner was an old guy that used to do computer things as a hobby with IBMs and such, but he was sort-of inept when it came to Macs… and decided it was a good idea to see if he could repair the battery himself because it stopped working!  there’s also a PRAM battery I need to replace in the unit now too. I’m hoping the one I have out in the garage is still good, else I’m going to be paying a premium for a replacement.

Without further ado, here’s the rest of the pictures when I got it home here, and checked it out some more. there’s still files in the Trash I have to go through for any programs of any use to anyone to drop on the MacintoshGarden website.




I’m not sure what’s going to become of this one yet… but I have a few ideas. first, however, I need some RAM, and a couple batteries. oh how fun.


Sun Blade 1000

Blade 1000

This one is short and sweet. I got a Blade 1000 from the same person I got my Ultra 10 and my SGI equipment from, yesterday.


Imgur Album for high-res imagery.

I’m not sure if it works yet. but it does have a SunPCI card. if only someone got it working under Linux, I could run a second copy of Linux off of it. that’d be sweet… or Windows. wow.

There’s also a 1978 Space Invaders cabinet taking up space in my garage, now. I’ll make a posting about that later.