Farewell OptiPlex 760, Hello Pogoplug (and SS5!)

(the DSM-G600 project is on a very small and temporary hiatus while I clean my basement.)


So the other day I made a hard decision. A hard one, but one that would save on power in the end. I had to shut down my main server box, and move to a much more energy-efficient one.

This was NOT an easy thing to do at all. in fact, it was extremely hard to do considering the main box had an uptime of 264 days and was otherwise running fine.

The replacement is my Pogoplug. the 800MHz Kirkwood, 128MB RAM Pogoplug. wielding and running Debian off of a 250GB hard drive, it makes for quite a lovely ARM box, but it’s slow as balls with PHP. this will have to be sorted in the future. for now, it’s working, albeit slowly, as both my web and IRC server.

Related to the replacement, I needed someplace to stick another up-and-coming project of mine, a Sun SparcStation 5 running Debian Etch with a custom-rolled kernel. so it inevitably took the place of the 760 on the entertainment center top.



Off frame to the right is my Beaglebone Black, purchased for $24 at Radioshack before my two local ones closed down.


Not sure what I’m going to do with this one yet…. but it IS running Debian as well. See a trend here?


One thought on “Farewell OptiPlex 760, Hello Pogoplug (and SS5!)

  1. very cool, I just did something similar but used a raspberry pi 2 to do it so I could use stuff like a minecraft and a few game servers on it, also the power usage is very very small. cant argue with quad core and a gig of ram for a lightweight server. đŸ˜›

    Also, sorry I uploaded the files for your arm netbook finally to google drive, the old laptop was crying from wanting just to die, but I managed to get the files off of it before the one ram stick failed on it, lol.

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