Goodbye Centro… Hello Treo!

  So my Palm Centro decided to be funny and started peeling at the keyboard again last month. so I superglued it back on as I have twice before… and it got under the membrane and made some buttons stick to the    keyboard electronics underneath.

the search for a replacement centro began the next day on eBay and Amazon. finding nothing good, I checked agsin the next day and the next.

but then I went to the thrift shop… and what did I find? a Treo 650? No! it was a 755p! which meant that it used the exact same batteries as my 700wx does (to a point, tabs are shaped weird on the end but they still charge and work as I’ve tested) and was more or less a larger Centro.

So far the transition from the Centro to the Treo 755p has been painless. I initially beamed over what little apps I had on the Centro and all of my contacts over via Infrared (yes, this was a thing… and still apparently is in Japan!) and then synch’d whatever else I needed (so far PowerHero (battery/power consumption monitoring and management) and Lightspeed (CPU overclocking/underclocking to save power)) and viola, a MiniSD to microSD adapter later (and a new battery!) and I was in business for the long haul.


now with 35% more squid power.

and actual buttons again. reminds me of my 700wx.


other accessories I’ve purchased so far are three OEM Palm 3453WW car chargers. these are 5v 500mA chargers that drop into your 12v accessory port on your car and give you a USB connector to a MicroUSB cable which is about a foot in length, and then atop that an adapter cable from MicroUSB to the funny square adapter that Palm used up until the pre and pixi came out. if you have a Palm device still, or don’t, I highly suggest getting one of these as they go for peanuts on eBay and are one of the best products you can get from a dead brand that can still be used with today’s phones and other MicroUSB-powered devices to charge in your car.

and of course, I’ve already ordered a few batteries. because why not. they’re like 3 bucks a piece.