Dropped my car off at the mechanic’s to find out where the gas smell is coming from– results come back inconclusive. amazing. ugh.

That aside, I did some wiring and crimping for a future radio install job this upcoming weekend:


a JVC KD-G230 going into a ’95 Honda Accord which currently has the stock radio. I’ve been told that I can go ahead and do this since this radio has an AUX jack instead of the tape deck that the stock head unit comes with, aside from a CD player, also. this friend of mine for whom this install is for, works at two libraries and borrows audiobooks to listen to on her commute to and from work and college… so this works out well, as well as her being able to listen to music off her iPhone. the faceplate is removable, so that also helps in the sense of security and deterrence.

I didn’t have a proper crimp tool, so I took a pair of slipjoint pliers and used the dull wirecutter end to crimp it 5x in place on each wire. on at least two tries I went too far through and messed up the crimp and broke through the soft metal. but this was fixed with extras! from there, a trip to the Honda parts Warehouse (bucket-o-zipties) and some electrical tape, and she’s good to go! I was amazed how easy it was to set these two up for crimping– the color-coding was all the same! so it was pretty much a match-up and crimp job. The only one I could not find a connector for was the daytime wire, which tells the radio to dim or be full-brightness. this apparently is not a feature of the KD-G230, so the illumination circuit wire was looped into a conveniently-placed nook where it was blocked off and would not make contact with anything while under the dash. I’m cofident this entire crimp and tape job will last somewhere between 5 and 10 years, depending on when the radio is next replaced– and at this point, I think at that time the next radio might also be a JVC– i’ve had nothing but good experience with all the head units that have come into my posession or contact over the years.


2014-05-18 EDIT: Here’s the Finished Product!



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