Well, I guess this is Post #1.

Hi. I’m Sudos. after not being able to find a blogging platform that suited me for installation on my dedicated server box, including WordPress, I thought the best way to at least get my feet wet with this would be to start here on WordPress and continue onwards from there.

Let’s see… right now I’m in a bed, at my grandma’s house. in front of me, I type at a Thinkpad T500, albeit a rather famous if not really infamous one at that. I paid 240,000 dogecoins for it from a friend. at the time, 240k DOGE was worth ~US$166 or so. I’ve cleaned this laptop out and have redone the thermal paste… it still runs pretty hot. I may need to either repaste or shim it a bit to increase pressure.


I think that’s all I’ll post for now. we’ll see where this goes.


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